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If you are an actor, drama theatre student, musician, dancer, stunt, extra or just want to be added in our data base and participate in castings for different TV productions, you are more than welcome in our studio. After making an appointment with us, we are going to make your profile, consisting of professional photos and short video presentation, free of charge. Each month CoolWorks organizes open casting as well – specific date and time for your registration with us. Any additional information you can find here on our website or on our facebook page:

You can be logged with us via the e-form below.

The literal translation of casting is: pouring of molten metal into a mold, where it solidifies into the shape of the desired mold. We, however, work with another meaning of the word, namely – audition.

This is how a casting is conducted:  after aforetime invitation by phone, you come on the appointed day and hour in our studio and fill our casting card, which consists of: full names, telephone contact, skills, height, weight, cloths size. Then, you take a serial number for entering into the studio and patiently wait your turn. Once it comes, the photographer makes a couple of photos of your en face, right and left profile, as well as full length. Next, we shoot your so-called video presentation. It allows our clients and directors to get familiar with your attitude, articulation and behavior in front of the camera. The video itself is a short interview with general and easy questions. Finally, if the particular project, you are participating in, requires you performing an acting etude from the scenario, our casting director will lead you patiently and attentively. He is the one helping you to show your best. Sometimes your role needs you clean shaven if you are a man, or slightly made-up in a dress if you are a woman. You might be asked to eat chocolate or yogurt, drink beer or dance or talking in the phone with an imaginary friend. Take the casting as a serious but entertaining part of the shooting process.


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